About NFPA Construction

NFPA Construction Group is a company focused on forming relationships based on trust and respect which is at the forefront of our conduct and our commitment to quality.


Our Process

We have a team of experienced general managers and contractors in Hamilton, Burlington, Toronto, which help us provide a full design build service and fulfill all technical requirements within the development process.

Preconstruction Design

A lot of construction comes from the planning part.  Having a detailed plan and design will save time in money. 

Design & Construction Estimate

Creating a scope of work is one of the most important things to do in construction. An estimate can only be built from a detailed scope

On-Site Consultations

During the construction process having reoccurring site meeting and consistent updates.  Will save you a lot of time during the construction. 

The Finishing

Focusing on the fine touches is what makes NFPA Construction Group different from other contractors.

Our Quality Guarantee

After the drawings are complete, we’ll provide you with a proposal that includes guaranteed pricing for the scope of the project. You don’t have to worry about unexpected charges or surprise fees at the end of your project. Instead, the price you see on the proposal is the price that we guarantee. The only time an additional cost occurs is if you choose to add more to your project outside of the initial proposal. At NFPA Construction Group, we also offer financing options that make it easier to get started on your project.

Warranties are important since defects in construction often don’t show up until well after the last check has cleared. Common ones include drywall cracks and nail pops, concrete and tile cracks, lumps in the carpeting, sticking doors and windows, and leaky flashings, to name a few. Yet another reason to work with a reputable contractor is that he is more likely to honor the warranty and return to fix things, even after the typical one-year warranty has expired.

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