Inspections: we will meet with you to get your thought process as to what you visualize, giving us insight into your thoughts and expectations. Mapping out the sequence of events and check lists helps eliminate errors. Our mapping will include safety first should evacuations be necessary. This also avoids unnecessary renovations and construction costs.

Project Management: Our Construction Managers will provide design and construction advice to the owner. Meeting deadlines helps keep cost down. Our Project Management Team will coordinate sequence of events pertaining to construction. Who starts? Who must finish? deliveries, schedules, inspections and whatever is needed for the project, by staying on track and on time. The Project Management Team will map out a schedule to show building layout which suits your buildings and needs.

Execution of prints and permits: To begin any project quickly it is vital to communicate with key players, such as engineers and other sub trades. Our extensive team include engineers, plumbers, electricians, drywallers, painters, just to name a few. Our team of professional have supplied us with top notch work ethic and loyalty. They are a team to be proud of.


Building Restoration: New or old, our team can give your structure a facelift. Buildings don’t have to look run down, they can be successfully restored. NFPA Construction has partnered up with suppliers of new and innovative building materials to keep up with the construction industry and the building materials of yesterday.