NFPA Construction Group focuses on commercial and industrial building & structure demolition, NFPA has the equipment and manpower to handle any demolition project!


NFPA Demolition has the expertise to guide you through the entire demolition process, from permits and checklists to clean-up and recycling so you can be sure of a safe and hassle-free demolition project.


NFPA is a full-service company from start to finish. From the demolition of the structure to the clean-up of the site to the recycling of the building materials for future use, NFPA is there for you.

We specialize in:

· Commercial & Industrial Building Demolition

· Manufacturing & Chemical Plant Dismantlement

· Warehouse Demolition

· Tank Farm & Concrete Silo Demolition

· Water Tower Demolition

· Technical and Standard Wrecking

By paying careful attention to haulage costs, NFPA Construction Group works to keep demolition costs as low as possible, preparing a clean site, ready for future use.

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Building Demolition
Home Demolition
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