Mississauga Waterproofing

We Service a variety of neighborhoods in the Mississauga region, which include:

  • Corksville

  • Dixie

  • East Credit

  • Erin Mills

  • Lakeview

  • Meadowvale Village

  • Streesville

Property owners that have properties in Mississauga with a high water table need to be aware of water entering their structure and keep their building dry.   

Heavy rainfall and melting snow will increase the risk of water entering a property.  If property owners don't take the proper steps to waterproof their structure,  water can enter and cause thousands of dollars in damages. 

Professional basement waterproofing companies like NFPA Waterproofing can offer professional services to give piece of mind to property owners to keep their structures dry. Our trained technicians are familiar with state-of-the-arch technologies to a variety of different waterproofing systems.  This is why we feel confident in our workmanship to offer a lifetime warranty on a finished basement waterproofing project and external waterproofing projects.