• Andrew Cigna

One Simple Rule to Waterproof in Hamilton.

Hamilton, don’t wait until spring to start thinking about waterproofing. Garages, parking garages, cellars, basements and elevator pits are areas often visibly affected by water infiltration. Do you know what is happening behind the drywall where you can’t see? The use of waterproofing products makes the area resistant to negative hydro-static pressure and allows to encapsulate and eliminate these issues.

Waterproofing Hamilton

Do you have those areas in your home that always seem to be cold? These are the area that are often adjacent to those spaces listed. A great way to bring a more balanced temperature to these areas is to provide adequate thermal insulation to prevent heat losses. The result is more comfortable, balanced & more energy efficient living quarters. We us a waterproofing agent that is a cement epoxy mix. The cement add strength to the structure while the epoxy adds waterproofing features. This product comes in white and black. Then we use cork spray over the waterproofing agent to add a thermal barrier and sleek look.

Waterproofing Hamilton

Ask us what the best system to prevent the water transfer and to

​make the property more energy efficient so you can leave the water and the cold outside where it belongs.

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