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  • Andrew Cigna

Number 1 Tip to Save Money on Utility Bills

Do we stay or do we move? Homeowner’s today are looking to reclaim every square inch of space in their home in an effort to make their homes as functional and efficient as possible. The goal is no wasted space. This extra space is often the difference between staying or moving. The attic is no exception and can offer valuable square

footage and can be made into functional everyday living spaces. Considering that the attic is an area directly under the roof, it may often present with moisture infiltration issues which if are not addressed could result in potentially serious water damage. These can be solved working both from interior and/exterior of the building, using proper insulation and waterproofing systems.

The attic at the same time, it is a place where heat loss is higher than other areas of the building, so it typically needs proper thermal insulation. That thermal insulation can be made using specialty materials that offer the highest insulation for heat retention which can help with money retention with lower heating bills. The system we use is a roofing membrane (white) that reflects UV rays making the building more energy efficient. This product can be tinted but loses some of the value as white is the best colour to reflecting UV rays. The one time cost for the installation of this products will more than pay for itself with the money saved on your monthly utility bills for years to come.

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