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Cork Spray Welland Ontario

Cork Spray Welland

Welland is in the center of the Niagara Region. A half hour drive from Welland can take you anywhere from Niagara Falls, Niagara-On-The-Lake, St. Catharines and Port Colborne to mention a few. Welland is nestled in the middle of wine country for the budding wine aficionado. Historically, Welland has been known as the place where rails and water meet, referring to the railways from Buffalo to Toronto and Southwestern Ontario, and the waterways of Welland Canal and Welland River, which was a main factor in the city's development. Welland has developed on both sides of the Welland River and Welland Canal, which connect Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Watching the lock system in the Welland Canal is a great way to spend an afternoon as you watch the system lift and lower these ships using gravity and large quantities of water from the canal to keep the commercial and personal vessel’s moving.

The history and development of Welland goes back to circa 1871. Many of the building structures although beautiful, are aging and need attention to preserve the culture and extend the life expectancy of the buildings. With new innovative products coming to the market it makes it easier to add new design decor to the building while at the same time blending with the existing landscape; all without breaking the bank. Cork Spray is one of the products that would be ideal here. Cork Spray allows you to maintain the character of Welland while at the same time updating the structure by adding a seemingly new building to the area. Cork Spray has great benefits like thermal barrier, flexibility, 10 year warranty, easy installation, breath-ability, sound absorption, water repellent, mold resistant, low fade rate, green product and last but not least innovation making the building more energy efficient. Energy efficient and beautiful with one product. This is ideal for Welland and these older buildings where heat loss is an issue because insulation is not typically abundant throughout.

There are multiple cork sprays on the market. Some have better benefits than others, make sure to read and understand the differences in the data sheets before you sign on the dotted line. If you live or work in Welland and want cork spray in Welland, check out some of our references. Better yet, give us a call…..we would love the opportunity to show you why our product is perfect for you.

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