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  • Andrew Cigna


Yup, it's that time of year again where we are all waiting to see how our homes, more specifically our basements, hold up to the spring thaw. With the departure of the snow and the arrival of the April showers in advance of those May flowers, our basements have to be prepared to handle all the excess moisture coming its way. In previous blogs, we have talked about waterproofing from the outside but what do you do if you have water in your home and excavating from the outside is not an option. Excavating dirt and grass is one thing but excavating patios slabs, interlock and driveway is a completely different animal. A very expensive one and often not an option that most home owners can entertain when all you are dealing with on the surface is 'just a bit of water' that you can wipe up. Cost prohibitive options are always hard to justify to ourselves even though the must be done. Unfortunately, that water problem is never 'just a bit of water' because the water should not be there to begin with. Fear not, we have a waterproofing solution for you. A small fire in a house is still a fire that shouldn't be there but a small fire can still cause big damage if it isn't dealt with promptly and effectively. Water damage is no different.

Let me introduce you to the option of the internal drainage system. This waterproofing option mirrors to some degree the exterior option but it is done on the interior foundation surface of the home. The water may penetrate the wall however with this waterproofing system it is re-routed to the interior waterproofing drainage system and away from your home. You are a few easy steps from a healthy, dry home. Exterior access issues are the primary reason you may need opt for an interior waterproofing system. If your basement is unfinished, this may be the option that offers the least amount of demolition & repair.

Once we have identified the source of the water intrusion you can decide what option works best for your home & your budget. A full evaluation of your home would give you the answers you need. Water in a basement is never a good thing. Even a 'little bit of water' shouldn't be there and it can turn into a lot of water before you realize it. Basement waterproofing is the key to a moisture free basement and a healthy home. Good air quality is a sign of a healthy home. Good air quality is based on the proper moisture content in the home. See how everything is connected?????

Mold and moisture go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other. With moisture, a food source (dust or dirt) and a heat source (warmth), mold has a perfect environment to grow and grow and grow. Preventative measures before a serious problem presents itself is always the best approach vs. dealing with a crisis after it has happened. Closing your windows before a rainstorm make more sense than leaving it open and fixing the water damage after the storm has passed.

We've got your solution!

Just give us a call so we can make your home work for you.

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