• Andrew Cigna

Where To Get Your Basement Renovated From?

The two main advantages of completing a Basements Renovation Burlington involve providing usable space and adding value to your house. You can choose to include an additional bedroom or add an extra bedroom for visitors or family members; transform the basement into a playroom or living space; make room for an exercise area or home office; expand the space into an in-law suite or rental income property; build a laundry room or additional storage space; or opt for an alternative to a home renovation. It's no wonder with all these options that a finished basement retains a lot of value for both current owners and potential buyers.

Now that you have elected to go ahead and remodel your basement, you might wonder where to continue. Next, you'll have to know how to use the room yourself. Will it be a multi-functional space with a kitchen, a full bathroom and a private bedroom? Or do you wish the whole family to have an open concept entertainment area? If you need a quiet office space for full-time work, your needs will be different from those of families who wish to turn their finished Basements Renovation Burlington into a play area that is child friendly.

This is not just floor or table lamps that we are thinking about here. In an enclosed room built-in lighting is a must. Even if you incorporate natural light, you should consider adding light fixtures (more on that soon). Track lighting may be efficient, but recessed lighting is considered suitable for lower-ceiling basements. To avoid creating shadows in the corner (and thus the appearance of an even lower ceiling), put recessed lights about three feet from the doors.

Even with light fixtures a windowless basement will feel dim and drab. For most finished basements an egress window is a must. It will not only allow more light to come in, but most city building codes also require this as an emergency exit route. Hopper windows, awning windows, picture windows,cork spray Hamilton and sliding windows are all commonly used when renovating the basement. If you can, select double panel windows, as they will add more energy efficiency to your home.

The installation of proper insulation would allow you to control the temperature, mitigate water damage and reduce the energy usage. Effective insulation will actually reduce the heating and cooling costs of your home by more than 40%. Insulation can be added to the inside and/or outside walls, as well as to the ceiling. The most effective spray foam is generally considered, but it is also the most expensive. If you're planning to spend a lot of time here, consider spending a little more on this part of your remodeling.

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