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  • Andrew Cigna


It’s hard to start a blog on the topic of hot weather when the temperatures are still close to minus outside! Every March we are soooo tired of winter

we wonder if the summer will ever get here. Thankfully, every year it arrives and we are so happy when it does. Every year the mercury rises e and before we know it we are commenting it is just way too hot!!! Every. Single. Year.

Mobile homes are a fantastic summer destination. They are an amazing option for singles, couples and families alike. Mobile homes offer an affordable summer vacation spot or an all year around home if they are insulated and properly winterized. They offer a community environment within mobile home parks, and are generally cheaper than a traditional summer home while allowing you to have your own property to enjoy with your family and friends. Although less expensive, they are more difficult to keep warm in the winter in and keep cool in the summer because of the unique combination of materials and construction. While we are all on the verge of wishing winter a fond farewell, with the warm weather on the horizon in order to really enjoy your summer trailer destination, how do you stop them from overheating in the summertime. Would you believe we offer a product the can keep the heat in the winter in and keep the heat out in the summer. Let me introduce you to Orioplastreflex.


Close...Orioplast reflux is a signature product that could change your whole summer experience if you spend it at the trailer. As the outside temperatures rise during the summer months so do the temperatures inside. Air conditioners work around the clock to maintain lower temps but the cost to run them can be high. Summer trailers are not properly insulated so the cold air can seep out as quickly as we cool it. Orioplast reflex is a product applied to the roof structure and actually reflects the UV rays to keep the area cool. Its white colour promotes reflection instead of absorption of the sun’s rays. Whether you’re in an office trailer, school portable or your much loved summer trailer, this product would be perfect for you. Along with the reflection benefit, it also provides an additional layer to the roof and helps protect against water intrusion from above.

Have I piqued your interested? Give us as call so I can tell you more.

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