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Today we are going to talk about something that is very important to us. As a construction company we are known for having prices that are considered higher than average.

Although we take pride in the fact that our pricing is solely based on the high quality of work we provide and the professionalism of our workers, we can't express enough our concern when home owners choose to go for someone that offers a very cheap price in the beginning.


When construction companies, or contractors offer you a cheap price from the get-go they are doing it knowing that they will find reasons to increase the price of their work.

Once they start the job and begin working, they will find reasons to say that they need to spend more money and homeowners get stuck in a situation where they can't say no because they want the job done.


A lot of times we hear stories from friends that hired a company to do a job for them and they quoted a price much cheaper than us but by the end, they had charged them so much on top of the original price that their quote came to be more expensive than ours.

Now, we don't mind if people want to go for someone that is cheaper, and not everyone is guilty of using this trick but those that do use this trick make it so believable that they truly need to spend the extra money that homeowners trust them.

It's important to make sure you do business with ethical companies that take pride in their work and do everything in their power to stick to their beliefs.


Sometimes the work required truly needs extra materials therefore making the prices higher, but this is not always the case. When trying to find a good contractor or construction company, research them and what they stand for.

If you want to go for somebody that can do the work for cheap, always keep in mind that you are taking the risk of being overcharged by the end of the job.

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