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Today there have been many cases of Facebook's photos not being able to load and many users who are reporting this problem are voicing their dissatisfaction but what does that mean for businesses?


Before we get into more detail, here's some photos of a full backyard renovation we just finished!

deck renovation

hamilton deck renovation

Many businesses are using photos and videos on the most popular platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to display their work and interact with their customers. When a platform as big as Facebook has a malfunction such as the photos not being able to load, how do businesses keep in touch with their customers meanwhile making their content interesting? We like to use blogs!!

This can hurt many business owners that don't have a blog but still want to get their information out. Whether that is a big announcement or simply photos from a project they just finished.

If you still want to share your photos with your customers, the best way to do it is to create a blog post where you can add the photos and then share your blog post with the world on facebook!!

Why? Blogs are a great way to tell people a story in a short read without making everything too boring.

So, for those that struggle trying to find something to post and want to get their daily interaction with their customer out, a blog is a great visually appealing way to do so.

We are here to support other local businesses with small tips and tricks that they could use to further grow their awareness and teach them ways to stay in touch with those that matter.

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