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On September 9th, 2019 an article was posted discussing the funding for the official French-language University in Ontario and we just knew we had to discuss this!

It's an amazing development project with a costly construction budget!

“Ontario has secured the necessary approvals for its share of the project, (and) is ready to make a financial commitment,” Ross Romano, minister of training, colleges and universities, said in a letter to Melanie Joly, the federal minister of tourism, official languages and la Francophonie."

So what does this mean for Ontario? Is the province becoming more and more integrated with the Francophone population of Canada?

How does this influence business and future expectations from employers?

Many individuals are wondering the different impacts this new University could have on the work culture of Ontario but we think it's a wonderful time for our province to develop and provide better education for those looking to live here but still have that extra support needed to be fully bilingual.

"The initial cost for the project was estimated at $83 million when the plans were first announced by the previous Liberal government in 2017." but by this point the project is estimated to cost $126 million.

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