Interior Waterproofing

NFPA Waterproofing Inc. provides multiple waterproofing solutions.    Our internal waterproofing system is become very popular in areas where digging outside becomes impossible.  With our years of experience with waterproofing,  our internal waterproofing system sometimes makes the most sense


1.     The initial step is the excavation around the perimeter

of the building. The depth of the excavation is typically between

4 to 8 feet and has an average width of 2 /12 feet. 

The elevation of the structure will determine the depth necessary

for each individual project.

2.     Once the excavation is complete, speed shoring is

required to prevent any soil from caving into the excavated area. 

This step insures the safety of the crew at this and future steps

in the process.


3.     Excavation goes down to the footings  to expose the weeping tile.  Old weeping tiles are removed and new 4 inch weeping tile with filter cloth are installed.  The filter cloth helps keep debris and larger particles out of the system to minimize obstructions and insured proper water flow throughout the system.


4.     The foundation walls are cleaned  any voids or structural cracks are repaired to ensure proper adhesion of the membranes. 

5.     The rubber membrane is then applied directly to the foundation wall.  

6.     The next layer of protection is a soil side drainage sheet. This membrane protects the foundation as well as acting as a drainage membrane.

7.     After the waterproofing and membrane have been installed a layer of clear stone is placed over the weeping tile to further assist in the drainage process.

8.     The area is back-filled with its original soil, compacted and graded to the original level for maximum benefit.  Once the system is installed and the process is completed you have fully waterproofed your foundation.